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OEC website policy

Standard Operating Procedures for the Website of the Santiago Canyon College, Division of Continuing Education, Career Technical Education:
Business Skills Program


The website of the Santiago Canyon College, Division of Continuing Education, Career Technical Education: Business Skills Program showcases and communicates the program’s vision and mission to students, faculty, staff, and the community. For students, the website provides a place to showcase their student projects. The Business Skills Program maintains the website to provide information regarding courses offered as well as a marketing tool to the community.

It is integral that the website projects an image consistent with quality programs and events that reflect the dynamic nature of the program. Our goal is to maintain uniformity, integrity, and consistency so that the website can serve as an effective tool.

Mission Statement

The primary mission of the website is to provide access to up-to-date and well-organized information to students and the community about student work. While the website serves as a tool for current students, it is also a vehicle to promote the program and services to prospective students and the community at large.


The goals of the website are to:

Proposing Changes to the Website

In order to ensure that the website remains consistent, any proposals for change to the core design elements, overall site organization, or text on the website must be submitted to the department coordinator. The decision to implement the proposed change will be approved by the department coordinator.

Content Management and Server Access Guidelines

All web pages and content are stored on the web server. To ensure the security and integrity of the server, access will be limited to authorized content managers. Content managers will be responsible for uploading web pages and content to the web server and will be authorized access only to the directories for which they are responsible to maintain. This access should not be shared with anyone. Content managers must ensure that web pages meet all criteria outlined in this document.

Authorization for content managers to access the web server must be submitted to the department coordinator. If a content manager must transfer access to another person, approval must be gained from the department coordinator.

Content managers should regularly review the web pages under their jurisdiction to ensure that they adhere to the Standard Operating Procedures.

The department coordinator will conduct periodic reviews of web pages to determine if any contents are in violation of the Standard Operating Procedures.

Web Page Standards

Good web sites have a clear and coherent message that is presented with an attractive layout. Text should be well written. Graphic designs should be in a .jpg format. Web pages should be user-friendly, organized and fluid.

Four types of content apply to creating pages on the website:

Required Content

Prohibited Content

Conditionally Required Content

Strongly Suggested Content

Web Page Conventions

The following conventions should be adhered to when creating web pages: