Residential Valuation

Providing accurate residential valuations requires both incisive knowledge of local markets and strong process-based quality control to eliminate errors. With over 20 years experience, Left Coast Real Estate Services has the people, knowledge and technology necessary to fulfill the needs of lenders, servicers, and investors. We meet every client request with unsurpassed due diligence and a commitment to customer service that delivers uncompromising quality without sacrificing speed.

Commercial Valuation

We provide commercial property valuations for a variety of properties including apartment buildings, shopping centers, restaurants, office buildings, and more. Our clients include major banks as well as pension fund managers, and insurance companies. We offer a number of products to meet the needs of these diverse clients.

A primary focus of Left Coast Real Estate Services is on the appraisal of real estate for trusts, estates, gifts, and estate planning. Our California appraisers provide unbiased appraisal opinions of residential and commercial real estate. CPA firms, lawyers, executors and beneficiaries.