1423 E Katella Ave
Orange, CA
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Sakuraya Sushi Restaurant

Traditional Japanese Sushi

Sushi Bar
Sashimi Moriawase
Omakase Nigiri

At Sakuraya, we serve traditional Japanese sushi in Edomai or Tokyo-style. We hope you will enjoy traditional Japanese sushi, selected, prepared and served with close attention to every detail to make your dining experience extraordinary. The chef/owner goes to the market everyday to find the highest quality ingredients many of which are flown in from Japan.

In Japan, authentic sushi restaurants do not serve food such as teriyaki, tempura, sukiyaki, etc., and you will not find such items on our menu. Also, there has been a proliferation of sushi dishes which are unheard of in Japan (like California Roll, Rainbow Roll, etc) and they are not included in our menu. If you are curious or do not understand the meaning or reason behind our philosophy and techniques, please do not hesitate to ask us.

We have a couple of small tatami rooms (where you sit on the floor) that are perfect for small gatherings. We want you to enjoy the experience of real Japanese food served in an authentic environment that transcends time and space. You may even forget that you are in America!

You can experience the ultimate in dining through the omakase course dinner. Omakase is a simple word with deep cultural meaning that roughly translates to, “I trust and respect you. I am in your hands.” You put your trust in the hands of the chef to make whatever he thinks is best. It includes an appetizer, osuimono(soup), sashimi, yakimono (broiled dish), nigiri sushi, and dessert. The menu and prices vary depending level and on market availability. Please ask the staff, especially if this is your first visit.

Sakuraya offers the finest selection of sake, the traditional rice wine of Japan) fom breweries in Japan. Our selections include earthy, rich junmais, floral, fruity ginjos and super-premium daiginjo. If you are unfamiliar with the different types, we suggest ask for a recommendation based on your general preference. Also, in the omakase course, sake pairings are available depending on whatever sake goes with a certain food.

We sincerely hope you thoroughly enjoy your dining experience with us. Reservations are highly recommended, and essential for the Omakase course. Please call (714) 567-7867.